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Wedding And Event Food Trends 2019

For the love of food

Even if you are not a particular foodie, catering is one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your wedding or event. It’s one of the things your guests will remember the most, long after your best man has made his embarrassing speech or your second cousin cuts some questionable moves on the dance floor. So let’s get started on our top food trends for 2019! 


We’ve all seen those incredible insta worthy grazing tables that are so popular (and look like they will continue to be) but how ‘bout taking it next level? We’re talking having your guests build their own burgers, make their own Mexican fiesta or even design their own gourmet salad. This is a fun idea that works for big or small groups for reserved or free seating. In fact by using some pretty, eco friendly food boxes that your guests can serve it into themselves, you will make a delicious but relaxed vibe for your event. And the right caterer will still make it one of the most snapped images of the night.

Don’t forget dessert!! We’ve also seen this work super well with dessert bars. At a recent wedding we catered on the Sunshine Coast, we designed the most incredibly delicious ice cream super sundae bar. We had old school faves such as gummy bears, M&Ms, and marshmallows, some hot fudge toppings made by our chef (think butterscotch sauce that will change your world) and a selection of nuts and fresh fruit (the roasted pineapple was next level amazing). All ready to make personally created sundaes using our super creamy local ice cream. 


If its good enough to be served at Megan and Harry’s wedding, then we are guessing it is going to catch on pretty quickly. Personalised cocktails are such an easy way to make your event special. Whether it is named after your new surname or the theme of the night, your company nickname or even the place you first met, a designer cocktail that features all of your favourite flavours is a perfect way to celebrate your special day with your guests.

You don’t have to be a professional mixologist like Lynette Marrero to create something amazing. Working with RSA Bartenders such as at First Class Functions, we have the skills to create your perfect cocktail that not only matches your menu, but captures the vibe of the night perfectly.

Cheers to that!


Think about it…you spent ages choosing bridesmaids dresses, invitations, flowers etc etc so why not tie in some of your food choices to make a beautiful colour statement. Whether it’s the cake with the same shade as your bouquet or the cocktails that reflect the groomsman’s shirts, colour themeing is set to be a big trend at weddings and events. Just about anything can be customised to really bring together the perfect colour scheme.

This doesn’t just apply for weddings but for corporate events or life events. Think branding of your corporate colours or be more imaginative and select a colour that accentuates the night.  A black tie night can have some gorgeous black and white desserts.

Just be creative 🙂


So you have kids coming to your day? The best way to make life easier for you,  them and their parents is to offer  food that they love. Whether it’s little party pies and homemade sausage rolls, chicken tenderloins coated in crunchy coatings or a bowl of pasta, there are lots of ways you can cater to their less sophisticated taste buds and still keep it healthy and easy. Creating an area for children to eat is a big catering trend at the moment.

Simply pop up a teepee, put down some rugs and cushions and they will have their own little space to enjoy their own menu.


This is a big one for us at First Class Functions and while we don’t have any pasta straws for cocktails yet (we are still hunting them down!) the movement towards minimising waste is something we all feel passionately about. This goes beyond plastic to include reducing food waste and our use of non biodegradable items in our commercial kitchens. We know single use plastic water bottles are cheap and easy – a million of them are used are every minute!!! But for not much extra effort or money, the team here can put together a gorgeous refreshment station with glass dispensers full of fruit punch, iced teas, cordials and iced water, all served with ocean friendly glassware, straws and sunshine.

Put your catering team on the hook to make sure they are making environmentally friendly choices at your wedding or event. 



Want to talk about catering at your wedding or event on the beautiful Sunshine Coast- call the team at First Class Functions and let us get planning your personal menu now 0754740299 or take a look at our website. 

We are the experts in outdoor and offsite catering in marquees, tipis, sperry tents, pavilions or in your own home.


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