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The Romance of Hastings Street: Noosa’s Ultimate Wedding Paradise

With white sand, pandanus trees, clear blue water and gorgeous river vibes, it’s no wonder Noosa is one of the most popular places to say “I do”! But with so many ceremony locations to choose from, it can be confusing as to which is the perfect one for your special day.

However, fear not — as Noosa’s longest and most established wedding planning and styling company, we are here to give you the lowdown on each of these little gems so you can find the one with your perfectly styled name on it. You can also view them on the map..

Hastings Street Wedding Groves – Where It’s At!

The ‘Groves’ or wedding bays, as locals refer to them, are found just at the end of the beach boardwalk on the Noosa foreshore. Contrary to what many people think, there is only one location that is actually on the sand.

The most popular ones are on grassy parkland areas with spectacular views of the ocean or River – perfect for making sure those gorgeous wedding heels you have your eye on don’t get stuck in the sand. In total, there are four Groves, a beach access location and one beside the Noosa River, called Noosa Woods Bay.

Each location is unique and offers something different. To work out which is the ideal one for you, read our guide below.

Each of these picturesque locations offers a unique blend of natural beauty, romance, and coastal charm. So, grab your sun hat and let’s explore the hidden gems where love stories come alive.

1. Maison la Plage

Tucked away at the end of Hastings Street, Maison la Plage is our first stop. If you are after blue water peeking through pandanus trees and a manicured lawn that can host up to 150 guests this is the ceremony venue for you.

This is the biggest of the Groves, comfortably fitting 150 guests plus room for a cold beverages if you were after a little post ceremony refreshment.

While it is the closest to Hastings street, it is the furthest from the wharf if you were planning to catch a Noosa Ferry or the MV Catalina. Just keep in mind if you have guests with mobility issues that you may need to allow more time to get to the wharf.

Also be mindful if you are getting delivered to your ceremony by car (eg the stunning Bertie the Bentley) then you will have a 5-10 minute walk in heels to get there.


Largest of the Groves and perfect walking distance to Bistro C and the Sofitel.


The grass can be patchy at times and is not as private as other Groves.

2. Casuarina Gardens

Next to Maison la Plage is a much more intimate venue called Casuarina Gardens. Ideal for elopements or micro weddings, it can accommodate up to 60 guests comfortably.

If arriving by car, allow a little more time to get to the location. Very convenient to the restaurants of Hastings Street for a cozy reception afterward.


It is slightly elevated, meaning you get gorgeous views from looking down on the sand and the surf.


It is the least private of the Groves and quite narrow.

3. Hidden Grove

Hidden Grove lives up to its name – tucked away in the trees east of Noosa’s beach access number 16. This popular beachfront location can accommodate up to 100 guests.

It has a number of casuarina trees for shade. The location is close to the car park drop off, so easier and closer to get to. We love this venue as it offers the most privacy and can be accessed via two paths. It has great beach views and a couple of options to put your arbour.

To ensure added privacy, Laguna Grove is usually blocked out automatically for other bookings if you book Hidden Grove.


A little nook to the side provides the perfect spot for a drinks station, and its location means brides can make a grand entrance.


A pesky casuarina tree near the middle of the Grove can cause problems with layout so work with your stylist or planner to make sure your ceremony is set up perfectly.

4. Laguna Grove

Laguna Grove, situated on the Noosa Main Beach foreshore, offers a unique blend of beauty and protection. Native trees create a stunning outdoor setting, while the manicured lawn can host up to 60 guests.

Sweeping views of Noosa Heads Beach, up to the Hill, provide a gorgeous backdrop. It is closest to the car park, so you can arrive in style on your fanciest wheels for your guests to admire.

It is also the closest to the wharf, so if you have arranged to travel to your reception by water, your guests will thank you! It is a very pretty beachy location that is perfect for smaller weddings.


You can wear those sky-high heels and not break a sweat before getting to the arbour.


It’s not as private as the other Groves, plus you have to walk past the beach shower.

5. Noosa Woods Bay

Positioned at the end of Hastings Street, this venue offers panoramic river views and a lush green setting. A tree-lined aisle creates a natural pathway for your entrance, with the Noosa River providing a laid-back backdrop for a fantastic celebration.

Located at the western end of Hastings Street, it offers plenty of room for any-sized celebration. The large green parkland, shady trees, and river backdrop create a gorgeous setting, and it is right next to the jetty where a Noosa Ferry or an MV Catalina can whisk you and your guests up the River to the Noosa Boathouse, Rickys, or Lucio’s for your reception. Located almost next to the Sofitel, it is an easy walk to the ceremony and is good for guests who may have some mobility issues.


Cheaper than the Groves and can accommodate larger numbers of guests.


It is more in the open than the Groves, so work with a stylist to pick the right location.

6. Beach Access 12

Sure, the location name is unromantic but if you have ever pictured yourself getting married on the sand, then this is the location for you. You can’t get any closer to the water than this!

As one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in the world, be prepared for it to be busy with life saver patrols, sunbathers, surf school lessons and jet skis all buzzing around.

On the plus side you could also spot whales and dolphins frolicking in the ocean depending on the time of the year. While the permit is cheaper, keep in mind it can cost more for a set up on the beach due to the logistics and you only have two hours.


Sand between your toes!


Sand. Sure it sounds romantic but unless you are happy for everyone to kick off their shoes you and your guests may struggle in Noosa beautiful soft sand. Being on the beach there is also NO shade so pick the right time for your ceremony. You may also need to keep an eye on tides.

But wait, there’s more!

There are a couple of other smaller options at the end of Hastings Street, such as Sandcastles Grove and Seahaven Grove. These are way less popular amongst most couples as they offer no direct beach views and minimal privacy. I Would recommend sticking to the other featured Groves for a natural Noosa wedding experience.

Other Things to Know

Check your permit conditions before booking for the full list but some of the key things to know are that alcohol is not permitted, bookings are non-refundable and you can only have certain furniture there.

As experts at setting up literally hundreds of weddings on the foreshore, we can help you put together a beautiful wedding package or answer any other questions so you can have the perfect wedding in Noosa.

So you have made your choice of which location is the perfect one for you to say I do. Now head over to the Noosa Council website to secure your permit. Bookings open 14 months in advance so hop on it as soon as you make your mind up as these gorgeous little spots go QUICK! You will need a credit card to book online.

The Groves are managed by Noosa Council who set the prices so they are subject to increases every year. As of 2024: Maison, Casuarina, Hidden and Laguna Groves are $626 for a 3-hour permit and the others are $264 for a 2-hour permit.

Unfortunately there is currently no wet weather option if you book the Groves so talk with your stylist or planner about a wet weather back up at your reception venue or another alternative venue.

A wedding planner like First Class Functions allows you to be fully present in the moment, soaking in the joy without the stress.

Whether it’s finding the perfect location, arranging transportation, or handling last-minute hiccups, a planner is your secret weapon for a stress-free and magical wedding.

Wherever you choose to celebrate, contact us today so we can start planning a beautiful wedding day with you!

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