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The Rising Popularity of Elopement Weddings

If the idea of planning a big, traditional wedding has you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath because you’re not alone. The wedding industry, with all its lace, flowers, and biodegradable confetti, can sometimes be more stress than bliss. But fear not – I am here to tell you there IS another way by choosing a small, intimate and oh so bougie, elopment style wedding.

Micro weddings, minimonies and elopements in all their forms are very definitely having a moment for lots of reasons. If a small wedding day is something you have thought about then read on for all the of the pros, cons, and a sprinkle of Sunshine Coast charm all wrapped up for you!

The Down Low on Elopements vs Micro Weddings vs Minimonies

Did you know that a 2022 survey showed that 62% of engaged couples in the US were open to an elopement style wedding. Elopements, micro weddings, and minimonies are three wedding trends that have taken the matrimonial world by storm, each with its unique charm and style, so before we go any further, let’s get the lowdown on the lingo –


While these used to be highly secretive (queue squeals of surprise!), they are becoming less so and are often the generic phrase used for a small wedding.

Traditionally elopements are often done away from a couples home town eg, here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (hint hint). Perfect for couples who genuinely want to keep their wedding low key.

Think a total guest list of no more than 12, with a ceremony followed by a celebratory meal afterwards. With an average cost ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, eloping offers a budget-friendly escape from traditional extravagance.


A Minimony is a relatively new concept. What makes it different from an elopement is that while the ceremony is kept small and intimate, no more than 6 people, it is then followed by a bigger celebration weeks and months later.

So if having just your best mate or parents at the ceremony is important, you can still do this and plan to celebrate with all the cousins, work mates and school friends at a later time. Best of both worlds!

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are the Goldilocks zone, not too big and not too small. Hosting around 20 to 40 guests, they strike a balance between intimacy and celebration, typically costing between $10,000 and $20,000.

Couples can still include any of the traditional elements they were wanting like a first dance or wedding cake cutting, without the huge stressful seating plan and other formalities that larger scale weddings often bring.

Now you know you are across the slight differences between each, let’s look at the pros and cons of small weddings, for which we will use the generic term eloping.

The Pros

1. Cost-Effective Bliss

Traditional weddings can hit your wallet hard, right? Eloping to the Sunshine Coast is the budget-friendly superhero of weddings, with average costs ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. Plus, with dreamy venues in Noosa, you can have an intimate ceremony without breaking the bank. More cash for a fab honeymoon? Yes, please!

2. Stress-Free Zone

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like directing a Broadway show. Eloping to the Sunshine Coast lets you escape the chaos, allowing you to exchange vows in a relaxed setting. Stress? Nah, we’re leaving that at the door!

    3. Intimate Moments

    Picture this: you and your significant other, no audience, just pure love. Whether it’s on the Sunshine Coast or wherever feels special to you, there are tons of secluded spots for that intimate ceremony you’ve been dreaming of.

    4. Flexibility Reigns

    Traditional weddings can be a bit rigid with schedules. Eloping gives you the freedom to design a day that suits you. Sunrise ceremony or sunset celebration? You decide!

    5. Avoiding Family Drama

    Family dynamics can add stress to wedding planning. Eloping is your ticket to a drama-free celebration, steering clear of potential conflicts over guest lists and details.

    6. Personalised Experience

    Every aspect of your elopement to the Sunshine Coast can be tailored to your preferences. Noosa’s wedding venues are your canvas, so let your creative freedom shine!

    7. Less Environmental Impact

    Eloping typically involves a smaller guest count, reducing the overall environmental footprint. If sustainability is your jam, eloping to the Sunshine Coast aligns perfectly.

    The Cons

      1. Missing Loved Ones

      While an intimate ceremony is a pro, it can be a con if you dream of a big celebration with friends and family. It’s a balance—weigh intimacy against sharing the moment with a larger audience.

      2. Potential Hurt Feelings

      Eloping can ruffle feathers, especially if people are expecting a traditional wedding. Communication is key—explain your decision and reassure loved ones it’s about celebrating authentically.

      3. Limited Guest List

      Eloping often involves a smaller guest list, making those invite decisions tough. If you have a large circle, this might be a challenge.

      4. Potential for Overspending

      Stick to the budget! The allure of beautiful venues might tempt you to splurge. Focus on what truly matters to avoid overspending.

      5. Legalities and Logistics

      Eloping to the Sunshine Coast requires paperwork and legalities. Research beforehand to avoid last-minute stress.

      6. Limited Vendor Options

      Some vendors may prefer larger bookings, so do your research to ensure you’re saving where you thought you would.

      7. Less Traditions, More Decision-Making

      Eloping involves ditching many traditions. Embrace the chance to create your own, but be ready for the responsibility.

      Three Tips for Planning an Elopement

        1. Make it Personal

        Keep it lowkey, but make sure it reflects you – from the vows you exchange to the flowers you carry. And don’t skimp on capturing the magic! Whether you hire a professional photographer or rely on the skill of a talented friend, make sure to document every moment.

        2. Communicate with Loved Ones

        Before deciding to elope, have open and honest conversations with your close friends and family. Share your reasons for choosing this path and reassure them that your decision is about celebrating your love in a way that feels right for you. Keeping the lines of communication open helps to minimise any potential hurt feelings.

        3. Plan Ahead for Legalities

        Research the legal requirements for eloping in your chosen location. This may include obtaining a marriage license, providing identification documents, and adhering to specific timelines. Planning ahead ensures that you can navigate the legalities smoothly, allowing you to focus on the joy of your special day.

        Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

        Amidst the excitement, it’s easy to underestimate the logistical intricacies that come with planning an elopement. This is where a professional wedding planner can be your guiding star.

        First Class Functions has expertise in navigating through the details, securing permits, and coordinating logistics ensures that your elopement unfolds seamlessly.

        A wedding planner like First Class Functions allows you to be fully present in the moment, soaking in the joy without the stress. Whether it’s finding the perfect celebrant, arranging transportation, or handling last-minute hiccups, a planner is your secret weapon for a stress-free and magical elopement. We have a package for elopement weddings.

        Eloping to the Sunshine Coast offers a relaxed and fun way to say “I do” without the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. The rising popularity of intimate ceremonies suggests that more couples are opting for a personalised, stress-free experience. So, whether you choose an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, make it reflect you.

        Here’s to love, laughter, and the beginning of your happily ever after—however you choose to celebrate, contact us today! 🌟✨