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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Hints and Tips, Winter Posted On: July 20, 2012

Spring and autumn are, without a doubt, the most popular seasons for weddings.  Whilst this time of year is certainly very beautiful, many Brides at the Sunshine Coast are discovering that a Winter Wedding actually offers the perfect day they imagined - in more ways than one!

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider celebrating your nuptials over the cooler season:

1. Your choice of dates.  As the mercury rises, everyone seems to be in a rush to tie the knot.  This means some couples have to wait months (or even years!) for their perfect venue, caterers, photographer, celebrant etc to become available.  As the wedding season cools off over winter, suppliers tend to have more availability in their schedule, meaning that you will be able to have your wedding cake and eat it too!

2.  Off-peak seasonal discounts. Winter is a notoriously slow period for wedding venues and suppliers.  Thrifty couples are wise to take advantage of the great specials on offer, meaning that their wedding budget will stretch even further.

3.  Better weather.  During winter in Australia, the weather becomes far more predictable than the warmer months.  Cooler, crisp days mean there is less chance of rain washing out your beautiful day.  It also means tropical honeymoon destinations are less likely to be experiencing cyclonic conditions - so you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds!

4.  Avoid a meltdown.  The humidity, coupled with the high UV factor over the warmer months can often lead to sweaty and dehydrated guests, not to mention the poor bridal party!  The groom and groomsmen will sign with relief over winter as they put on their suits, and the ladies will look fresh and flawless for longer.  Your flowers will also benefit from the cooler weather, with less chance of wilting.

 5.  Guest Availability.  With fewer events occurring over the winter period, many couples find that their guests are less likely to be double-booked.  As winter in Australia falls in the middle part of the year, festive holidays like Christmas aren’t going to impact travel plans, meaning that you’ll be able to host more of the people you love on your special day.  And don’t forget the off-peak accommodation deals which your guests can take advantage of if they are travelling for the wedding!

While winter may not be the first season which springs to mind when planning your wedding, the benefits of low, off-season prices and great weather mean that this time of year is an option definitely worth considering.

At First Class Functions we look forward to helping you plan your Winter Wedding.