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Rain, rain, go away!

Ceremony, Wedding Coordination Posted On: April 29, 2012

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck.  But when you peer out of the window on your special day and its pouring down, you may not feel so lucky.  In fact, you may find your stress levels start to skyrocket – and this is why it is so important to have a wet-weather back up plan. Unfortunately the Sunshine Coast’s name can be a bit deceptive.  Our picture-perfect, golden beaches tend to get thoroughly soaked during the rainy season – but this doesn’t mean that your perfect day needs to be ruined in the process.  At First Class Functions, our experienced team understand just how important your wedding day is, so even if the skies are grey, with a few adjustments, we will make sure the transition to your wet-weather option is smooth and pain-free. Although it’s wise to have thought about your backup plan a few months before the event, we recommend that you begin checking the weather forecast about 5-7 days before the big day.  Most brides will feel like burying their heads in the (wet!) sand, but facing up to the idea that it may rain sooner rather than later is the best approach.  After all, you’ve likely been planning the day for many months (or years!) so why leave anything to chance?  Giving yourself a week to prepare for wet-weather will give you time to come to terms with the possibility of rain, and also allow you to think rationally to ensure that you are happy with your alternative option.  Confirming your wet-weather plan the week before will also allow time for any necessary adjustments to your timetable (think cars, photographers, guests, etc.) and give you time to find an alternative option should your wet-weather venue fall through. Have a chat with your First Class Functions Coordinator about your plans in case of rain.  With our professional and friendly guidance, we will ensure that your day is magical – regardless of the weather!