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Top 15 Noosa Wedding Venues 

Searching for the ideal Noosa wedding venue? It’s the question we get asked the most at First Class Functions and a common issue for couples planning their dream day in this idyllic location. If you find yourself in the same boat, fret not! We’ve curated the ultimate list of the best wedding venues in Noosa, ensuring your fairytale celebration becomes a reality. Imagine exchanging vows on one of Australia’s most stunning beaches, surrounded by clear blue skies and swaying pandanus trees, followed by a celebration at some of the region’s top-notch restaurants. If this sounds like your dream wedding, dive into our comprehensive list before making any decisions. So, kick back, relax, and pat yourself on the back for doing all the venue leg work, all from the comfort of your home or office (we won’t tell!).

Wedding Venues 101 – Ceremony vs Reception

Before we unveil the cream of the crop among Noosa’s wedding venues, let’s briefly go over some wedding lingo. When it comes to wedding ceremony vs reception, understanding the distinction between ‘ceremony’ (typically outdoors) and ‘reception’ (usually at a restaurant) venues is key. Typically in Noosa you will need both as many of the venues are not big enough to hold both a ceremony and reception plus one of the best things about getting married in Noosa is having your ceremony on the beach! To make it easy for you, this list is divided into Ceremony venues and Reception venues so you can easily choose one of each. Ready to explore the best Noosa has to offer? Let’s dive in!

Noosa Wedding Venue – Ceremony Locations

#1: The Groves:

Undoubtedly the hottest spot for wedding ceremonies in Noosa, and for good reason. Located at the end of Hastings Street, The Groves is divided into four wedding bays – Hidden Grove, Casuarina Gardens, Maison la Plage, and Laguna Grove. Each bay boasts its own unique charm, beach views, and varying sizes. Maison la Plage and Hidden Grove, being the largest, are perfect for larger wedding parties of up to 120 guests.

Our Tip

Create a personalised welcome sign to avoid any ceremony mix-ups, especially on busier wedding days.

Sound Park, Noosa - First Class Functions

Image Credit: The Lane Creators

#2: Sound Park

Tucked right next to Rickys Restaurant, this intimate park with the river as your backdrop sets the stage for a perfect ceremony, followed by a reception at Rickys. It’s private, surrounded by trees, and conveniently close to Sofitel on Hastings Street.

Our Tip

Add some lawn games to keep guests entertained post-ceremony.

#3: Bridge Park

Nestled by the Noosa River next to the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant and the bridge to Chaplin Park, Bridge Park offers river views and a quieter atmosphere compared to Hastings Street. It’s ideal if you’re considering the Noosa Waterfront for your reception, and it’s just a short walk away from the Yacht Club, where you can board a Noosa Ferry to other wedding venues.

Our Tip

Make a grand entrance with a fancy car or a cool little combi van; it’s one of the few Noosa ceremony locations where you can drive right up to the wedding.

#4: Noosa Woods

Located on the Noosa River next to the Noosa Ferry wharf, affectionately known as the ‘Woods,’ this space provides a charming backdrop for ceremonies. While not as secluded as some of the Groves, it offers a larger area with multiple locations to choose from. Conveniently close to Hastings Street and less windy than the beach, it provides a lovely space to savour the ‘just married’ atmosphere. FCF Tip – Coordinate with your stylist to provide refreshments for guests post-ceremony.

Our Tip

Make a grand entrance with a fancy car or a cool little combi van; it’s one of the few Noosa ceremony locations where you can drive right up to the wedding.

Image Credit: Nicola Lemmon | Alan Hughes

#5: Surf Club Lawn

Although technically not in Noosa, the Sunshine Beach Surf Club is a Sunshine Coast icon renowned for its sweeping ocean views. This location stands out by offering a wet-weather alternative inside the Surf Club and a coordinator on hand for a seamless arrival. Oh, and did we mention those breathtaking views?

Our Tip

Gather all your guests on the beach for a stunning group photo on the sand.

Now, you have the low down on ceremony locations, let’s move into the fun part of the day – the celebration!

Here are our top picks for Noosa wedding reception venues, each offering a unique vibe for your big day:

Noosa Wedding Venue – Reception Locations

#6: Sunshine Beach Surf Club Ocean Room

Overlooking pristine Sunshine Beach, the Ocean Room at Sunshine Beach Surf Club sets the stage for a coastal-chic reception. With panoramic ocean views, it’s a fantastic choice for couples envisioning a beachside celebration. This venue offers an outdoor ceremony spot and the luxury of the Ocean Room as a wet weather backup – a popular choice for good reason. 

Our Tip

To give a lux coastal vibe, talk to your stylist about switching out the venue chairs for either timber or white toned chairs.

Image Credit: Coconut Photography

#7: Noosa Boathouse

This versatile venue offers three options, catering to weddings of all sizes. The Eastern Deck is ideal for intimate gatherings, while the Sunset Lounge provides a picturesque setting for cocktails with stunning Noosa sunset views. The River Room offers flexibility for sit-down or cocktail-style receptions for up to 140 guests. Boathouse’s own functions team, led by Brittney, assists with floorplans, menus, and coordinating Noosa Ferrys. We adore this venue for its great wet-weather backup option, ensuring stress-free planning. See our blog on how to handle wet weather on your wedding day.

Our Tip

Talk to your stylist about adding fairy lights to the ceiling over the guest tables and dance floor! It looks amazing for evening receptions.

#8: Noosa Waterfront Restaurant

Known for exquisite Italian cuisine, Noosa Waterfront Restaurant creates a romantic and intimate reception setting. Delectable food and a waterfront location combine for a truly magical atmosphere, especially with fairy lights illuminating trees beside the restaurant. Award-winning Chef Andrea Ravizzini adds a culinary touch, making it a must-visit for foodies. 

Our Tip

Book your ceremony at Bridge Park next door for a seamless transition between ceremony and reception.

Noosa Springs Resort and Spa, Noosa - First Class Functions

Image Credit: Alan Hughes | Rach Martin

#9: Noosa Springs Golf Resort & Spa

Nestled in Noosa Springs Golf Resort and Spa, the Plantation Room is ideal for couples seeking a fairytale setting. Picture saying ‘I do’ surrounded by the lush beauty of the golf course. The Plantation room is a big space that works well with either round or long tables and can easily accommodate a large bridal table.

Our Tip

Grab a golf cart and get some fun photos on the golf course with your bridal party.

#10: Lucios Noosa

If fresh seafood with an Italian twist and iconic river views are on your reception venue wishlist, Lucios is your perfect spot. Lucios Marina is the ultimate Noosa wedding reception spot – and let me break it down for you. We’re talking seafood that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance, a staff that’s basically wedding superheroes, and views of the Noosa River that are nothing short of breathtaking. Now, here’s the fun part – Lucios has this eclectic, modern vibe that’s just begging to be amped up with some seriously cool styling and lush florals. Think Instagram-worthy meets your dream wedding. Oh, and did I mention it’s perfect for up to 80 of your nearest and dearest? Lucios Marina isn’t just a venue; it’s the secret sauce for an unforgettable celebration. Trust me, if you’re after a cool spot to say ‘I do’ in Noosa, this is the place.

Our Tip

Have your ceremony at one of the Noosa Groves, then arrive in style at the Marina by Noosa Ferry. It’s a chance for guests to enjoy the beautiful Noosa River while you capture wedding photos, and the ferry even arranges drinks on board!

Image Credit: Sails Noosa Restaurant

#11: Sails

Celebrated for its beachside elegance and laid-back ambience, Sails offers a picturesque backdrop for your reception. Its location right on Noosa Beach means your toes are practically in the sand! With its cool sea breezes and sought after menu, it’s a favorite for couples seeking a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. 

Our Tip

Ask your stylist for some cocktail furniture for the patio area during pre-dinner drinks to enjoy beautiful sunsets over Noosa Beach.

Rickys, Noosa - First Class Functions

Image Credit: The Lane Creators

#12: Rickys Restaurant

Enjoy unparalleled Noosa River views at Rickys Restaurant. With modern Australian cuisine and a sophisticated setting, it offers a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for discerning couples. A large, airy space, it is perfect for bigger groups of up to 120 guests, with room for a band and cocktail area. This venue looks best with lots of candles along its long tables. 

Our Tip

Ask your stylist to set up a champagne tower in the venue for a fun way to start your speeches and toasts.

Bistro C, Noosa - First Class Functions

Image Credit: Bistro C Restaurant

#13: Bistro C

For those desiring a luxurious seafood ambience, Bistro C is the place to be. With its stunning beachfront location, this venue combines a chic setting with delectable cuisine, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

Our Tip

With such an iconic location and setting, this venue doesn’t need a lot of additional styling apart from flowers. Work with your stylist or florist to focus on flowers for the room. 

Alba, Noosa Heads - First Class Functions

Image Credit:

#14: Alba

Indulge in award-winning cuisine by head chef Peter Kuravita at Alba. Set in a lush garden setting, it provides an intimate and romantic vibe for your reception. The combination of exquisite flavours creates an elegant setting and ensures a memorable celebration. 

Our Tip

Work with your stylist to include cocktail furniture and lawn games with pre-dinner drinks on the lawn next to the venue. It makes for a lovely, relaxed start to the evening.

Catalina Boat, Noosa

Image Credit:

#15: The Catalina Boat

Take your celebration onto the waters of the Noosa River with the MV Catalina. Known for its chilled party ambiance and cool coastal styling, this unique venue offers a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for a one-of-a-kind wedding reception experience. Catalina also accommodates wedding ceremonies on board for up to 80 guests. Allow for some florals in your wedding budget to elevate the vessel’s feel and bring some colour and softness to the stark whites of the boat. 

Our Tip

Collaborate with Catalina to design a signature cocktail for your guests upon arrival.

And there you have it, my wedding dreamers! Noosa is THE spot for your dream celebration, and we’ve covered all the highlights. From the beachy vibes of The Groves to the lush greenscape at Noosa Woods and the relaxed ocean views at Sunshine Beach Surf Club– Noosa’s got it all. Ready for killer River views? Noosa Boathous and Rickys have you covered.

Craving some Italian magic? Lucio’s Marina and the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant are calling your name. If sea breezes are more your style, then Bistro C and Sails are waiting for you. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure that Noosa will give your love story the picture-perfect setting it deserves! 🌟💍

If you are also looking for a wedding planner in Noosa, feel free to contact us.

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