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Getting into shape for the big day

Getting into shape for the big day

Personal Training Posted On: June 8, 2012

One of the top things on a Bride's to-do list is to find (and fit into!) their perfect wedding dress.  With so many Bridal Boot Camps and diet plans around it's no wonder that most brides find this part of the process extremely stressful.

At First Class Functions we asked personal trainer (and newly wed) Rebecca Josey for her top 5 tips to help our Brides-to-be whip their booty into shape!

Bec Josey is a journalist and qualified personal trainer. Bec now supports others to get in shape for life as well as events via Perfect Fit Training Solutions in Gladstone. (www.perfectfittraining.com.au

"There are so many tips I could offer to help all the gorgeous brides get in the best shape of their life for their big day. Here are my top picks:

Diet - You cannot out-train a bad diet so this needs to be addressed first and foremost. Get on top of your calorie consumption and get cooking and preparing food. When it comes to the kitchen, keep it simple. Invest in some low-cal (not low fat), quick and easy recipe books and take charge of what you are putting in that bridal body of yours.

Cardio training – Cardio or aerobic training such as running, swimming, paddling, cycling, boxing or fitness classes are some of the most effective forms of maximizing calorie expenditure. They employ the use of many large muscles and keep the heart beating at a constantly high rate over a decent period of time. Make sure you always finish your fitness sessions with a bang! Give it all you have in the final few minutes and you will feel fantastic regardless of how the session unfolded.

Strength training - Busting your butt with endless cardio will not necessarily lead to the changes in body shape you desire. You will not achieve the shapely, toned arms or thighs by calorie-restriction or cardio alone. The diet may get you in the next dress size down but if you were a flabby pear to start with, you will still be a flabby pear shape (albeit a smaller one) after your diet. Do keep up the cardio however, substitute one or two of these workouts with something strength based. Weight training will dramatically increase your metabolism and the rate at which you burn calories by increasing amounts of “active” tissue. One kilogram of muscle burns 30-60 calories per hour compared to one kilogram of fat, which burns only three to 10 calories per hour. If all you are doing is cardio, you are not building any active tissue and can in fact be reducing it.

Morning training – Morning is the best time to exercise because there are no distractions. The phone isn’t ringing, the computer isn’t switched on, the kids don’t need to be anywhere, you don’t need to be anywhere. Try going to bed earlier if you struggle to get out when the alarm goes off. Not being a “morning person” is just a habit and like any habit, its one you can change through repetition. Getting your workout done early will set you up to feel great for the rest of the day and not leave you at risk of skipping planned afternoon sessions.

Mix up your training – There is nothing worse than doing the same thing, day after day. Flex your creative muscle as well as your prime movers and engage in different modes of training. The best results come when you surprise your body so don’t get stuck in the rut of doing the same workouts over and over."

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