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5 Tips On How To Manage Rain On Your Wedding Day

Rain, it’s the one thing the best wedding planner in the world can’t control. And while everyone is quick to remind you it’s considered good luck, there is no denying it will put a literal ‘dampener’ on your Big day if you have chosen an outdoor beach wedding ceremony location here in beautiful Noosa.

But never fear, while you can’t control the weather, here at First Class Functions, we have put together the top 5 tips on what to do if rain sneaks uninvited to your wedding day so you still have a stress free day.  

1. Have a Wet Weather Alternative Ready

No one picks an outdoor ceremony location here on the Sunshine Coast and hopes for rain, so one of the first things we ask our couples during their first consultation at First Class Functions is what their plan is. More often than not, they are unsure of where to start. First Class Functions Director Melinda Gannan suggests if there are no undercover areas at your ceremony location, then a good option is to work with your reception venue. “Reception venues, such as Noosa Boathouse or Sunshine Beach Surf Club, are often a great alternative if bad weather strikes your day. Check with your reception venue if they can accommodate a ceremony, where it will be, what time you can access it, and if there are any additional fees to do so”, Melinda said. 

2. Speed Dial 

So, you have made the decision to move your ceremony location to somewhere drier or more sheltered. Now you need to tell all your guests! “This is a key piece of advice I always give to my clients – have your guests on a group email, website list or chat group so you can push one button and tell them where and when your ceremony will be moved to”, Melinda says. If you are feeling even more organised, put the backup location with the invitation you send out, along with a map and the time you will advise them of a change of location. “This simple bit of planning will save you untold time and stress on your wedding day. Even better, give this job to someone you trust on the day to send out.”

3. The Fine Print

Each of your trusted suppliers will have different terms and conditions relating to whatever service they are providing on the day. This will include any furniture or styling items you may be hiring, such as arbours, chairs and signage. “Items such as aisle carpets and some wooden items might not be able to be put out in wet weather as they may get damaged, so make sure you are clear on what might be held back or substituted if you decide to proceed with your ceremony in the rain,” Melinda advises. The same goes with permits you may have for ceremonies on council or public land. Some councils do not provide refunds and have fees for any damage caused to grass areas due to wet weather. Your alternative venue and stylists may also need a certain amount of prior notice of a venue change, so make sure you are clear on each supplier’s Ts&Cs well before your wedding day. 

4. Not just rain…

As you watch those fat, grey storm clouds roll in, it’s easy to focus on rain on your wedding day. However, Melinda advises couples also to consider the wind. “Wind is my nightmare at weddings because of its impact on everything from wreaking havoc on veils, messing up beautiful blow dries and watching flowers fly out of arbours,” Melinda said. A good planner or stylist will have lots of tactics to tackle wind and rain, such as clear hand-held umbrellas, large market umbrellas, and towels on hand, but wind can be tricky to manage. 

Deciding to go for a wet weather alternative is a personal decision and should only be made by the couple getting married. “Talk with your partner so you can both agree at what point you will abandon plan A”, Melinda says. “One couple’s tolerance for light rain is an absolute no-go for another; it’s your decision, and your suppliers will support you whatever you decide.”

5. Be Kind to Your Suppliers

Finally, be kind to your suppliers, as they will be just as disappointed as you if your outside wedding location can’t go ahead. From your photographer to your florist to your celebrant, remember that all your suppliers are focused on you and your wedding day, so they will be working hard to make your wet weather plan go as smoothly as possible. Make sure you talk through your alternative plan with each of them so they are fully prepared before your wedding day. “For this reason, I always suggest going with suppliers that are local to your ceremony location as they know how best to work around weather near your location and can provide invaluable advice”. 

Even though rain is not what you had originally planned when you picked that beautiful spot on the beach where you would see the sunset, some of the best photographs are on overcast and rainy days. Just because your ceremony is inside or undercover does not mean you and your new wife or husband can still run out into the rain and get the most spectacular photos! 

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